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Meet Your Quality Circle Team

Our company was founded with the primary goal of providing exceptional service to our clients and offering them the highest quality medical evaluations and personal support.  Our staff do everything possible to expedite your Medical-Legal Examination so you receive the care you need as quickly as possible.

Your Personal Case Manager

Your case will be assigned a personal service manager who will make sure all required forms are completed on time and correctly, then transmitted to the appropriate parties. Your manager will also provide one-on-one service to your attorney or administrator. If there are questions or additional information is needed, the case manager is there to assist. Your personal account manager is the only contact needed. Your manager will know exactly where everything is in the process. You will be reminded when and where to be for your evaluation to make sure you don’t miss the appointment. Missing your appointment will delay the resolution of your case. That’s something you don’t want and neither do we.

A Singular Commitment To Your Care

Each Quality Circle‘s team member is committed to your care and to providing the best service possible. Each is experienced in Workers’ Compensation claims and knows the regulations and requirements required to provide DWC with what is required to process your case. To borrow a phrase, you’re in great hands at Quality Circle Med-Legal Exams.



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