Great team

Get to know how good we are

If you have not utilized our services, we invite you to join our team. We know you’ll be surprised at how easy we make the evaluation process. That’s because you are assigned a personal case manager who handles everything from beginning to end. Your manager is the only person you will ever have to contact for processing documents or if you have a question. Our staff are highly experienced and trained; who get everything done on time and in the correct format.  Last, but not least, we offer our medical team a higher earning opportunity than other organizations and strive for a zero increase in administrative work.     

Services we offer you

We offer all the services needed to process evaluations and ensure your administrative burden does not increase. If you have a special need, just contact your personal manager. Everything possible will be done to provide you with what you need.

Medical Office Facilities

Choose from five conveniently located facilities in Southern California. More facilities will be added as they are needed.

Schedulings Reps

Medical evaluations will be scheduled by your personal representative. Patients will be advised when and where to be.

Medical Historian

A medical historian will keep all records so they can be be accessed whenever they are needed.

Transcription Services

You can dictate your evaluation rather than write it.  We will transcribe everything into a DWC report.

Records Review

All medical records from the primary care physician are reviewed and put into a report format for your convenience. 

Billing and Collection

For prompt payments, all the administrative billing and collection are taken care of by your personal manager.