Our services for your Med-legal evaluation 


Med-Legal Evaluation

When you are injured at work and seek relief and recovery, we’re here to provide a med-legal evaluation to help make your journey to wellness as easy as and fast as possible. Here’s how Quality Circle Med-Legal Exams will assist you:

  • Your med-legal evaluation will be conducted by an experienced, impartial, accredited doctor.
  • Your med-legal evaluation appointment will be set up quickly and your report will be available and issued promptly.
  • Your med-legal evaluation will be based on medical evidence, which we believe will help you receive the best outcome for your situation.
  • Because our med-legal evaluation is set up to obtain reports quickly and are based on sound medical evaluation, we help provide a faster resolution and reduce the need for additional reviews.
  • If supplemental reports are requested, we will take care of them promptly. 
  • Your personal case manager is available to answer your questions or inquiries.
  • You will be reminded of the date, time and place for your med-legal evaluation by your manager to make sure you don’t miss it.
  • If translation services are needed, we can help arrange for a translator.

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